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Our on going mission is to supply small businesses in Central & Upstate New York with low cost advertising options. Over the last 17 years we have built up relationships with many advertising outlets. We use our relationships to save our client’s money. No matter the size of your business or the size of your budget we can put together a marketing package for you to use to gain new customers and increase your revenue.

Meet Rick Nuzzo

Since I started in this business back in 2005 my number one goal has always been to start my own advertising and marketing agency. Finally in October of 2021 I made that goal a reality. I’ve found balance between work and life, now I am a totally happy person. My passion is helping local businesses with all the elements of their advertising. This journey didn’t come easy though, I worked and clawed my way to get to this point.

Right out of college I started working at NewsChannel 9 as an Account Executive. I always thought if I just got my foot in the door my tv news idols such as Rick Gary and Rod Wood would take me under their wing and I could be a reporter. I quickly learned I was much better at selling news than broadcasting it. I spent over fourteen years with my NewsChannel 9 family, learning and sharpening my craft. I helped teach and mold a new generation of AEs along the way. I built a pretty nice portfolio of loyal clients and I would say friends during my time at 9. I had an opportunity to take the next step and go over to Cumulus and run their sales department. Yes, I jumped ship to the “dark side” of radio. One of the hardest decisions I ever made was leaving NewsChannel 9 but I thought becoming a local sales manager was the natural progression and something I deeply wanted to do. Now the hard part was convincing my loyal clients who have stuck by my side the last fourteen years to follow me over to radio, even though I told them over and over again how much radio doesn’t work. But when you become a local sales manager for a radio station like 93Q you better believe radio works. Without hesitation my clients and friends took their tv business to radio, I owe them a lot. It didn’t take me very long to fall in love with radio, sorry tv but it is true radio people have way more fun. Although I loved radio, I learned management wasn’t for me. I missed being out with clients and business owners, that face to face and brainstorming fun creative ideas. The thrill of the sale! I left Cumulus and went over to Galaxy Media where I could be just a sales rep again. I wanted to just be responsible for myself and my list of accounts. Galaxy was the breath of fresh air I needed. Spending my entire working career in the corporate world it was a welcoming experience working for a locally owned and operated business. I reinvented myself at Galaxy and took my experiences at 9 and Cumulus both good and bad and used them to become a much better version of myself. It was there at Galaxy I found a family again. I have nothing but great things to say about my time at Galaxy, the people, the stations, the events, all fantastic. Still, something was missing from my work life and it all came back to that original goal. I remembered I wanted to be a business owner and help local businesses with all the elements of their advertising, not just radio. With the support of my family, friends and yes even Galaxy I took the leap from account executive to business owner and I launched NU Business Marketing. Have you always wanted to advertise but just aren’t sure where and how to start? Are you currently overwhelmed with handling the marketing in house? Do you feel traditional and digital advertising is too expensive? Could you use some fresh ideas for your company? If you’re looking for some marketing help, reach out to NU Business. Give your company the due attention, show your brand off, literally! Stand out from the crowd and let’s talk. Marketing trends come and go, but one thing has never changed: My commitment to my client’s success. When you are part of NU Business, you are part of a team.

PS: When I am not helping my clients bring in new business, I am usually spending much needed quality family time with my beautiful wife Jackie and my three wonderful kids, Dominick, Zoey and Sonny. Oh, and I can’t forget about our mini sheepadoodles Barkley and Rizzo.

Located in Syracuse New York Nu Business Marketing gives you experience with a personal touch. We will become part of your team leading your marketing.
We will give you a a free marketing strategy based on your objective, budget, audience, and industry! Your budget should not hold back your marketing.
With over 17 years experience Nu Business Marketing brings experience to your business marketing.
With our contacts in advertising we are able to pass a long a great savings in over all advertising cost.

“Because No One Cares About Old Business”


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